The Centre of Ceramics Experimentation for Skills and Technical Innovation (CCS) was born in August 2016 through collaboration between the Municipality of Montelupo Fiorentino and Colorobbia S.p.a. The main purpose of this project is to create a cultural space to develop knowledge, understand, learn, catalog and transmit the technical knowledge of artisan ceramics.

Starting from the specific Skills within the ceramics industry and addressing various manufacturing sectors with a high artisan content, the goal is to become a center specialized in all complementary and integrated training for relevant techniques and practices: a real metropolitan-sized training campus.


The Centre for Ceramics Experimentation aims to disseminate to students and collaborators the technical knowledge acquired within the industry, through quality teaching. For this reason, the Centre for Ceramics Experimentation  has formed its new training center (the Ceramics School) to teach accumulated ceramics industry knowledge, develop research and innovate ceramics practice with new technologies.

The staff of the Experimental Ceramics Centre

The staff of the center is made up industry experts, entrusted with the task of managing both the Centre for Ceramics Experimentation and the new School of Ceramics. The General Coordinator of the Project and the Director of Studies are assisted by graduates and professionals from the ceramic sector and beyond. The work involves important recovery of historical technical knowledge before this artisanal awareness is lost, and to remodel it as educational and professional products. This activity also involves experts in architecture, digital engineering, design and 3D printing.

Instructors of the Centre for Ceramics Experimentation

The professionals involved in the activities of the Ceramics Center have been carefully chosen and selected on the basis of their personal technical knowledge and for their willingness to transmit their acquired knowledge. All this has given rise to a collaboration not only with the world of craftsmen and women, but also with artists, industrialists, designers, architects and technicians specialized in various sectors.

Through this group of professionals, the Center aims to create a high-level technical staff capable of increasing research and innovation in the ceramics field and beyond, transmitting knowledge to others, through and with new experimentation, to transform artisan thinking.

To find out the instructors of the Center, we invite you to view their profiles.

Collaborate with us

Since its inception, the ceramic center has established partnerships with startups, graduates, professionals, organizations and universities that support and cooperate with research and the achievement of educational and popular objectives.

These collaborators, even if coming from differing backgrounds, contribute to the daily growth of the center’s activities.

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